KOKS MegaVac Cycloon Loader


The KOKS MegaVac Cyclone Loader self-supporting vacuum, storage and bag metering unit can be used without a chassis for suctioning, storing and bagging dry materials, such as powders, ceramics, asbestos fibres and catalyst, a.s.o.

The KOKS MegaVac Cyclone Loader consists of a vacuum system and a silo. This means that the product is suctioned into the silo within a closed system, and therefore without any emissions, and is then dispensed into a big bag. The KOKS MegaVac Cyclone Loader can be equipped with a nitrogen cooling unit specifically for catalyst disposal.

The KOKS MegaVac Cyclone Loader is not fixed on a chassis, but is equipped with an offloading system. The Loader frame is based on a 20 ft container system and equipped with an integrated hook lift frame and hoisting arrangement for placing on a trailer, chassis or other transport system.

The powerful Roots blower gives the KOKS MegaVac Cyclone Loader a very high suction capacity. In combination with the bagging system, large quantities of dry materials, such as powders, ceramics and asbestos fibres and other contaminated and/or hazardous substances can be metered into bags in a very short period of time and subsequently disposed of in sealed big bags, containers, etc. The user benefits from significant time savings and a huge reduction in cost.

which opens/close hydraulically.

Technical details

Type:MegaVac Cycloon Loader
Sludge tank capacity:5m3, incl. filter compartment
Driven by:Catterpillar diesel engine
Capaciteit blower:

6.000 m3/u

Dimension :20 ft Container system with hook lift frame



Also with nitrogen connection

Continuously suction and bagging of products

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KOKS MegaVac Cycloon Loader


KOKS MegaVac Cycloon Loader KOKS MegaVac Cycloon Loader KOKS MegaVac Cycloon Loader

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