KOKS Mobile Storage Container 86,0m3


The Koks mobile storage container is designed for temporary storage of liquids on site. This container has a storage capacity of 86,0 m3 and the inside is protected by various coating layers. The self-supporting storage container can be transported by means of a truck and can easily be installed on job site by lowering the air suspension. After the product has been discharged, the container inside can easily be cleaned through the manholes. In order to prevent leakage an additional however required safety provision, in the form of an environment calamity leakage tray, can be supplied by us.

Technical details

Technische specificaties
Type:Mobile Storage Container
Storage capacity:86.000 l
Chassis:1-axle with air suspension  




Standard equipped with level indicator

Different coating layers 

Manholes on top and side of container

Additional accessory:environment calamity leakage tray 

Suitable for 




(temporarily) storing liquids and hazardous substances such as oils, chemicals, acids, coolant, (waste) water and liquid waste

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KOKS Mobile Storage Container 86,0m3


KOKS Mobile Storage Container 86,0m3 KOKS Mobile Storage Container 86,0m3 KOKS Mobile Storage Container 86,0m3

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