KOKS SkyTipper 10000 ADR


The Koks Air Displacement Truck SkyTipper can be used for sucking and blowing dry and wet, (also hazardous) substances such as cement, sand, fly-ashes, sludges, etc. The MegaVac is executed with an unique quick emptying system consisting of an outside handling smooth filter compartment with a huge emptying hatch and a filter cover which opens/close hydraulically. The added ADR makes the MegaVac suitable for working with dangerous and polluted substances. You can easily execute the Koks MegaVac with a blowing cover to blow, substances or execute with a liquid cover for sucking fluids and sludges. The blower has a capacity of 10.000 m3/ hour at full vacuum, which is a huge sucking capacity to work in a really short time big amounts of substances which saves you a lot of time and costs


Technical specifications:  
Type:SkyTipper 10000 ADR/GGVS
Tank capacity:14.000 Liter
Tank material:Stainless steel
Driven by:Kaeser Blower

10.000 m3/h


ADR/GGVS Execution
SkyTip execution 

Suitable for




Suction and blowing (hazardous) liquids and dry substances such as sludges, sand, fly as, powders, cement, a.s.o.

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KOKS SkyTipper 10000 ADR


KOKS SkyTipper 10000 ADR KOKS SkyTipper 10000 ADR KOKS SkyTipper 10000 ADR

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