KOKS Ultrasonic cleaning unit


The 2,5 meter Ultrasonic Cleaning Vessel is designed for effective cleaning of parts, components and small heat exchangers. The vessel provides a working volume of 3.0m x 1.1m x 1.2 m. The KOKS Ultrasonic 3,0 meter Ultrasonic Cleaning System delivers state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning power in a rugged, easy to use platform. Providing up to 20 kW of ultrasonic cleaning energy, the 3,0 meter vessel with its advanced features and all-stainless steel construction is ready to handle the toughest cleaning jobs in the toughest environments. Folding Catwalks and integrated hoist points make transportation and deployment simple and fast. Computer controlled warm-up means that the system is ready for operation in less than one day. The interior is completely stainless steel, with a rack for parts and the baskets. A retractable cover reduces evaporative losses. A 100% secondary containment outer skin reduces the requirement for a safety berm. The basket system consists of baskets which may be joined to accommodate larger objects. Manual and automated controls are provided. An intuitive touch-screen graphical interface provides simple user controls and multiple program options.

Technical details

The system includes:

• A basket which is using the entire volume of the vessel.

• An oil skimmer and oil separator for removal of floating contaminants.

• Rolling covers are provided to reduce heat and evaporative losses.

• The electronics are housed within the vessel and includes 20 kW of ultrasonic power and 16-18 kW circulation heater

• Touch panel computer controls, manual controls, main shut-off, circuit breakers, circuit protection, emergency shut-off

• Electrical supply is 380-420 VAC; 3 phase; 50HZ; 80 Amps total at 400 VAC


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KOKS Ultrasonic cleaning unit


KOKS Ultrasonic cleaning unit KOKS Ultrasonic cleaning unit

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