Big Bag Vacuum box


Due to the large demand for air displacement vehicles with a sky tip system for amongst others discharge in big bags, a big bag vacuum box has been added to our rental fleet.
By means of this big bag vacuum box product can be unloaded efficiently from your conventional air displacement vehicle. The vacuum box will be placed between the product to be unloaded and the sludge tank. Under pressure will be created by connecting the suction hoses to the vacuum box, as a result of what big bags can be filled smoothly and dust free with a big variety of products/substances. The big bags will be hooked in the vacuum box and can be exchanged easily through the folding doors. The vacuum box can be lifted by means of a fork lift truck or a hoisting crane.


Particulars big bag vacuum box:

- enables it to unload in big bags with a conventional air displacement vehicle,

- completely vacuum resistant design,

- straight discharge of a big variety of substances in big bags,

- emission free suction and discharge in factory halls,

- no wear and pollution in the air displacement sludge tank, because hardly any product will land into it,

- hardly any filter system impact,

- DN 200 (8") connections.

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Big Bag Vacuum box


Big Bag Vacuum box Big Bag Vacuum box Big Bag Vacuum box

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