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AQ-rent is the solution for your demand of AdeQuate rental material for all kinds of cleaning activities. AQ doesn’t only stands for AdeQuate, but of also for A-Quality… the best from us, for you!



  •   Vacuum trucks
  •   Air displacement trucks
  •   Vacuum boxes
  •   Gas cleaning devices
  •   High pressure units and trailers
  •   Warm water units
  •  Suction excavators
  •  Ultrasonic cleaning units.
  •   Mobile storage containers.
  •   High pressure tools
  •   Special vehicles



AQ-RENT is existed out of the increased demand to rental products of A-Quality. AQ-RENT works closely with KOKS Group and is also situated at the KOKS Group office in Alkmaar. Because of that AQ-RENT profits from all facilities and knowledge from the KOKS Group and all its employees.


We guarantee good and reliable products with which you can manage every job. Of course you can reserve our  ewuipment  on forehand, but for urgent cases we are also willing to help you. We can offer you this (quick) service because of our comprehensive rental program, our professional team and our knowledge.


We put all our effort in our product, not only when it comes to offering you the material you need.  On forehand we give you advice, when preferable on location, we also train your operators how to handle the machine.  Collecting and delivery can be arranged on your request. We have spare-parts and accessories on stock and our service mechanics are there for you twenty -four seven.


In short: You want to rent AdeQuate and A-Quality cleaning equipment, we will take care for everything…. Quick, good and profitable.


When you prefer to have more information, do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail ( or phone +31 (0) 72-540 66 99



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