Kärcher 500/18 Highpressure-warmwaterunit,


Because of the present burner, this High Pressure Hot water installation is used for the cleaning of surfaces with pollution like, fats, paint, graffiti and oils.


A quick an perfect cleaning effect is the key to success with this unit. This unit is a High-Pressure mounted on a 2 wheeled trailer. Underneath the valve you find the High-Pressure pump with the maximum capacity of 500 bar at 15l/min, accompanied by a burner. The burner heats the water till a temperature of 95 degrees at the nozzle.

Technical details



Brand: Kärcher
Type: HDS 9/50
Waterpressure: 150 till 500 bar
Liter yield: 8 till 15 l/min.
Mounted on: A trailer 950 kg
Watertemprature: 95oC
Watertank: 500 liter
Standard accessories: 1x 25 meter highpressure hose
1x 25 meter E-kabel, EXI, on reel
1x highpressure gun
Optional: Expand with various accessories


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Kärcher 500/18 Highpressure-warmwaterunit,


Kärcher 500/18 Highpressure-warmwaterunit, Kärcher 500/18 Highpressure-warmwaterunit, Kärcher 500/18 Highpressure-warmwaterunit,

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