KOKS CycloVac 8000 ADR


The Koks Air Displacement Truck CycloVac ADR is suitable for sucking and blowing (hazardous) liquids and dry substances such as sludges, sand, gravel, fly ash, powders, a.s.o.. By the unique and patented cyclone separation system the Koks CycloVac is superb suitable for heavy industrial applications. The Koks CycloVac is executed with self-cleaning cyclone separation to keep the cyclones dust free and makes it easier to change from wet to dry suction activities. This CycloVac is according the latest ADR and SIR regulation and suitable for suction of hazardous waste. With the high tipping execution you can easily unload in big bags or containers in order to continuous work on job site. The 8000m3/h pump will give you just that more power that you require at job sites. With the suction boom you can also use this machine for suction excavation.

Technical details

Type:CycloVac 8000 ADR
Tank capacity:12.000 liter
Blower:Kaeser blower

8.000 m3/uur

Suitable for
Suction of(hazardous) liquids and dry substances such as sludges, sand, fly as, powders, cement, a.s.o.

ADR and SIR certified
Equipped with a 6" suction boom
Quick changeable rear door cover (liquid or big bag)

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KOKS CycloVac 8000 ADR


KOKS CycloVac 8000 ADR KOKS CycloVac 8000 ADR KOKS CycloVac 8000 ADR

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