Koks GullyVac


The Koks Gully Emptier will be used for emptying street gullys. The GullyVac also can be used as vacuum unit to collect fats and emptying of septic tanks. Because of the hugh demand to sludge-gulpers on difficult reachable places, we developed the GullyVac narrow track for the rental fleet. With this sludge-gulper all gullies in the city can be emptyed very easily. Special for gullies far from the road their is a big extandable arm on top of the tank with a length of 1.400mm. The vehicle has a sludge tank capacity of 5.700 Liter, a water supply tank of 1.800 Liter, a waterring vacuum pump with a capacity of 2.000 m3/h and a high pressure pump of 100 bar with 100 L/min.


Technical specifications:  
Type:Kolkenzuiger Narrow track
Sludge tank capacity:

5.700 Liter

Water supply tank capacity:1.800 Liter
Vacuum pump:Siemens SIHI Waterring
Capacity:2.000 m3/h
High pressure pump:Speck NP 25/70-100

70 L/min. at 100 bar

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Koks GullyVac


Koks GullyVac Koks GullyVac Koks GullyVac

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