KOKS High Pressure Combi


The Koks Combi can be used for sucking and transporting wet substances, liquids and sludge. The Woma or Hammelmann high-pressure pump makes it suitable for industrial cleaning activities like tank or pistol cleaning.

Thanks to the vacuum pump with a capacity of 3.000 m3 an hour makes this the combi which can suck those substances in an easy way. Due to the ADR execution, the truck can be used for hazardous and flammable products. To prevent particles of hazardous products to be exhausted, the suction system can be completed with the Koks Mobile Scrubber Unit. By connecting this system the exhausted air is clean enough to be discharged.


This combi unit has a sludge tank with a capacity of 12m3 and a spray water tank of 1,5m3. The combi is equipped with a Hammelmann high pressure pump with a flowrate of 100 l/min at 1000 bar for manual or mechanical industrial cleaning.



Technical details

Type: High Pressure Combi ADR 12,0
Chassis: MAN Euro 6
Execution: VLG/ADR/GGVS
Sludge tank: 12.000 liter, r.v.s. 316 L
Service water tank: 1.200 liter
Spray water tank: 1.500 liter

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KOKS High Pressure Combi


KOKS High Pressure Combi KOKS High Pressure Combi KOKS High Pressure Combi

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