KOKS High pressure Hotwaterunit 1000/20


Through the burner the High pressure Hotwater-unit 1000/20 will be perfect for efficient cleaning of surfaces with pollution like paint, oil, graffiti etc.


A sooner and better cleaning effect will be the success factor to the desired cleaning result. The 1000/20 is a high pressure unit build into a two-axle trailer. Under the cover of the trailer is a Hammelmann high pressure pump mounted with a capacity of 1.000 bar at 20 L/min.


After the water has left the high-pressure pump, it will be heated under a pressure of 1.000 bar with a  maximum temperature is around 95°C.

Technical details






Typ: HDHWT-1000/20
Working pressure: Max. 1.000 bar
Flowrate: Max. 20 L/min
Placed on: 2-axle Trailer, 1.980kg (empty)
Water temperature: Adjustable to 95°C
Including: 25 Meter water filling hose
  20 Meter High pressure hose
1.000 bar hp-gun
Electrical cables



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KOKS High pressure Hotwaterunit  1000/20


KOKS High pressure Hotwaterunit  1000/20 KOKS High pressure Hotwaterunit  1000/20

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