KOKS Scrubber 8000 RDR


The Koks Gas cleaning unit, also named Scrubber, will be used for emission reduction from the air outlet of the Vacuum truck.


With the filling of vacuum trucks, a large air volume is passing the vacuum system. This air volume is normally heavily polluted with fumes from the sucked liquids (chemicals).


In most cases, these fumes contain considerable amounts of polluting elements, which are a threat to the environment and the operating personal. With the development of the "KOKS" return air cleaner, it is assumed that the vacuum truck is being filled with various materials within a relatively short period of time.


Therefore a possibility should be created to free the transport air from a wide variety of chemicals. The "KOKS" return air cleaner solves this problem by means of a switchable two phase adsorption. Each phase takes place in a separate compartment. As both compartments can be filled with a different adsorption liquid, it is possibly in general to find a combination of liquids that can treat all chemicals of a carrier. When changing to a different supply, the air cleaner can be adapted to the new circumstances by simply changing one or both adsorption liquids.



Technical details

Type: KOKS RDR 8000  
Volume: 2x 600 l detergent per phase
Air capacity: 8000 m3/h
Base frame: Mounted on rustproof subframe
Connection: 8” connection
Extra’s: Level indication
Detergent drain
4 demisters 
4”filling connection

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KOKS Scrubber 8000 RDR


KOKS Scrubber 8000 RDR KOKS Scrubber 8000 RDR

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