Suction Excavator PowerVac


The advanced Koks PowerVac will suck up all sorts of ground, dry or wet. This vacuum excavator is for quick uncovering of underground cables and (pipe) lines, without damage! Through choosing for a suction excavator in stead of a normal excavator you preserve unnecesairy cable- and (pipe)line damages! For the suction excavator no ground will be cause a problem. Stones will be sucked up up to a diameter of 250mm. If required you can use tools to help you uncovering the area. De vacuum excavator works up to a depth of 15 meter and up to a distance of 100 meter. De suction excavator operates at small sites, because he sucks and collects the material at one time. So this suction excavator is perfect for crowded placen in and outside the city, which cause no much problems for people and environment.

Areas of application for the suction excavator will be:
- Industry (Uncovering leaks in gas and water pipes, repairing damage to cables)
- Landscaping (Renovation of trees and roots  without damage, e.g. drainage, ventilation or replacement of soil, also in the woods. Vacuuming of mud, e.g. from ponds and biotopes)
- Track Construction (Vacuuming of partitions, stones, sand, foreign objects. From cable channels, cable trenches)


Technical specifications:  
Brand:Koks MTS
Hopper capacity:

8 m3

Driven by:2 coupled vans
Van capacity 36.000 m3/h
Suction hose boom:
MTS Power Arm extendable up to 8 meter
Suction hose diameter 250 mm
Compressor:4,5 m3/min at 8 bar


Radiographic remote control unit
Water supply with hose
Possible equipment:
Air lance
Demolition lance
Power spade
Suction extensions
Special:Can be used as SIR-certificated suction excavator

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Suction Excavator PowerVac


Suction Excavator PowerVac Suction Excavator PowerVac Suction Excavator PowerVac

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