Woma 400z, 1.000 bar at 130 L/min.


This 400 horse power counting high pressure unit is equipped for use with 2 pistols or one big consumer like a bundle cleaner. The Koks Woma High pressure unit D400z has a capacity of 130 litres a minute at 1.000 bar. The 400z, the most used high pressure pump in the industry, can be expanded with the Koks hot water unit. By connecting these units the total capacity will be heated up and these set become the most productive cleaning unit. With the hot water the forecasted cleaning results will be reached much faster. The 400 horse power counting unit is build in a 20ft container and weights 10 ton. At your wish we could arrange transport to your location or we arrange everything is ready on a container chassis to be picked up.


Technical specifications  
Type:400z p 40
Capacity:1.000 bar bij 130 L/min.
Placed in:adjusted 20ft container with own working area
Weights:ca. 9 ton
Sound level:

80 dB(A)

Water tank:3.000 Liter
Standard equipment:

4x 20 meter DN 12 High pressure hose
2x 50 meter E-Cable, EXI, on reel
1x remote control with emergency stop
2x HP-Gun, E1500 EXI

To expand with several high pressure tools as you can see at this site by High pressure tools

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Woma 400z, 1.000 bar at 130 L/min.


Woma 400z, 1.000 bar at 130 L/min. Woma 400z, 1.000 bar at 130 L/min.

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